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Irresponsible Government Shutdown Attack on PPFA Hurts All of Us

On October 1st, our country could once again face a government shutdown that could cost millions of average Americans major inconvenience, time and services because Republican leaders in Congress have made attacking Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading source of sex education and family planning, their top priority. Read More

When It Comes to Addressing Economic Inequality, Unions Are Still the Answer

Americans have a lot to thank organized labor for whether it’s the weekend, smoke-free flights, lunch breaks on the job or the overtime laws that have just this year been updated by President Obama. But one less celebrated contribution is labor’s specific role in advancing racial and gender justice for workers over the past few decades. Read More

Women’s Equality Demands an Integrated Approach

The feminist philosopher Mary Wollenstonecraft wrote in the late 1700’s “Of women I do not wish them to have power over men but over themselves.”

It was an ambitious wish in that era but well within reach today so long as we fight for it. Read More

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