Our Work


Keep Birth Control Copay Free

When the Trump administration announced plans to rollback copay-free birth control, we launched the Keep Birth Control Copay Free campaign to give Americans the information and opportunity to make their voices heard. From an online invoice tool allowing users to send the White House a bill for their current birth control prescription costs, to Town Hall toolkits, the campaign armed Americans with a collective narrative, shareable graphics, and opportunities to share what birth control means to them.

The Department of Reproductive Control

A satiric campaign designed to rebrand the Trump administration’s Department of Health and Human Services was created to sound the alarm on the administration’s overhaul of Title X, the nation’s only family planning program.



Voy a Favor

Voy a favor (“I'm for it”) is a social awareness campaign in the Dominican Republic that promotes the decriminalization of abortion under three exceptions: when the life of a women is at risk, when the pregnancy is non-viable, and when the pregnancy is a result of a rape. In the DR, abortion has been banned by the penal code since 1884.

Seguimos Unidos

Seguimos Unidos is an independent citizen campaign to promote the unity of the family and the health of women and girls in El Salvador.